About Saas Fee

Saas-Fee is a holiday resort in the German speaking part of Swiss Canton Wallis. It is renowned for its dramatic scenery, surrounded by more 4000+m ice-capped peaks than any other town in Western Europe. It has an ideal climate for all seasons: on average there are some 300 sunshine days every year, and its high altitude (1800m) guarantees fantastic snow conditions.  Even in summer, skiing is possible on the higher glacier slopes.

The atmosphere in town is very relaxed and friendly, with a traditional twist. This is a destination for lovers of nature and sports, stylish yet without snobbery: fur coats are not a common sight in the streets. And helicopters are just used for rescue operations and necessary transport, not for fun as in some other places. This is a typical example of the Saas-Fee approach. Of course, there are plenty of nice restaurants and bars, but nightlife is, fortunately, somewhat limited. All in all, a place to enjoy the sound and silence of nature without the noise of cars, helicopters or street life.

Since the early 80’s, Saas-Fee is car-free, but easy to reach, since there is a big parking house right at the entrance of the village. Electro-taxis take care of further transport when needed.

Ski lifts and the highest metro in Europe take you all the way up to an altitude of 3600m, for an epic downhill skirun on some of the most beautiful pistes you can think of, or a relaxed lunch in the spectacular 360-degree revolving Mittelallalin restaurant (one of very few restaurants at such altitude in Europe, and the highest revolving one in the world). And here you can also see the glacier from the inside, in what is probably the world’s largest ice pavilion, full of surprises (including an avalanche experience!).

In summer, the Saas valley, located on the Swiss-Italian frontier, provides ample opportunities for both short and long hikes, as well as for serious mountaineering. And a well-kept secret is autumn in Saas-Fee, when the weather is great as always, the skies are crisp and clear, and the forest turns a warm golden color.

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